Thursday, June 28, 2012

Just say’n

I’ve had able-bodied people make comments to me, and I’ve heard able-bodied people make comments about other disabled people that makes it sound like they feel sorry for “us”.  And I just want to say, please  don’t.  I’ve heard people make comments like, I’m sorry you were born like that, or that poor lady, or he looks like he’s suffering, or that’s so sad,  You may think you are being kind or showing sympathy by saying things like these, but honestly, to me, whether it is directed to me or about another person, comments like these hurt.  I didn’t ask for your pity.  I don’t want you to feel sorry for me.  Just because I walk differently, or have to use a cane, or appear as if things are difficult for me doesn’t mean I am suffering.  I’d rather you see me as a strong woman, a fighter, a person whom has overcome challenges.  I may not move as easily as you, or do things the same way as you do, but I have learned my own way of doing thing that make it easier for me.  I am not suffering.  If it does look like I am struggling I do appreciate your kind offer of assistance.  But please do not feel sorry for me.