Monday, May 13, 2013

Diaper changes, etc. at 4 months

Kiana didn't believe me the other day when I told her that I was going to change Scott's diaper when she asked why I had a diaper.  She also wondered how I got Scott from his play mat on the floor to the couch.  She wondered these things because she has always seen other people do these for me.  But now that Scott is more sturdy I am able to care for him on my own for short periods of time.  It is especially helpful when Kiana is around because he loves to watch her and is easily entertained by her.  I am able to carry Scott from the couch after nursing him to his play mat, or visa versa, while on my knees.  I can change his diaper on his play mat, and am able to hold him up in a seated position if he gets tired of laying down.  We are just confined to one room which makes it difficult after too long.  Scott is also a very "chill" baby, very calm, content, and quiet, which makes caring for him so much easier. 


I am sure several years from now I will look back on all of this and wonder why I ever worried.

My dad had to go home last week after being here for 4 months.  My husband also started a new job last week.  It has been a week of adjustment. 
My good friend offered to help me with Scott during the week.  I found someone, or at least I had thought, to help me on Saturdays.  But this morning I found myself scrambling to find help for this coming weekend.  I was in tears.  I have asked friends to help this weekend, giving me more time to find someone for the weekend.  Being without someone to help makes me panic, and brings me right back to what I went through with Kiana several times when she was Scott's age.

Kiana asked me yesterday morning, "who is coming to help you with Scott today?"  aawww.  She liked the lady who helped us on Saturday.  Thankfully I was able to tell her that daddy would be home.  Hopefully my husband's schedule will change (once again) soon and he will no longer be working on the weekends, and we won't have all these different people and friends coming and going.