Friday, September 6, 2013


I need to figure out a way to get Scott in and out of the car on my own.


Kiana is now in preschool and loves it. 

I volunteered to take home the Practical Life dishes and trays every Friday to wash and bring back Monday (1 dishwasher  load). Tim picks up Kiana after school and Mondays he has off, so I figured he could pick up and return the box of dishes for me.  Well, last Friday I had forgotten that Monday was a holiday and that I would have to return the dishes myself on Tuesday when I dropped off Kiana.  Once I realized that, I started to get anxiety over how I was going to do that, and actually lost sleep worrying about it Friday night.  But then I came up with an idea, I would put all of the clean dishes into a suitcase and roll it to the classroom from the parking lot (the class room is set back a little way from the parking lot).  As I was taking the dishes out of the dish washer Kiana saw me and offered to help and told me what  they were used for.  She didn't want me to take the glass dishes out of the dishwasher because she said that I might break them, that she would do it carefully.  :)  After they were loaded she wanted to wheel the suitcase down the hall, so I asked her if she could wheel it to her classroom.  So Tuesday, I took the suitcase out of the car and she pulled it along the sidewalk and up the path to her class.  I carried her lunchbox and followed behind. She was so cute, up ahead of me, with her backpack on and pulling a big suitcase.  It was no problem for her.  I was so proud of her, thankful for her, and amazed with her willingness to help and her independence.  She walked up to the teacher at the gate and said, "here's the dishes."  I explained that the suitcase was the easiest way for me and that Tim would pick up the suitcase at the end of the day.  I also volunteered to wash the place mats and wash cloths every evening for the month of September. Kiana carries the laundry basket to her class every morning. 

8 months - Crawling

Scott started crawling this week.  Time for me to pull out the knee pads so I can crawl after him.