Sunday, September 26, 2010


The first walker I got while I was pregnant. I thought that the extra weight and expanding belly would throw me off balance. Turns out I never needed it. Actually I had better balance during my pregnancy than I do now.

The second walker I bought was a Rollator. The kind with 4 wheels, brakes, and a seat. I strapped a booster seat to it and as soon as Kiana could sit up on her own (4 months) I used this to transport her around. This works great. The booster seat has a tray so it also serves as her high chair for meal time.

Unfortunately our place has a step up to the hallway that leads back to the bedroom so I’m never able to wheel her back to the bedroom to do things back there, but that doesn’t matter. I mainly just use it as a high chair, but since it is on wheels it is way better. I wheel it onto the carpet in the living room area so that I can kneel down on the floor to lift her into it. After mealtime I wheel her over to the sink, give her some Cheerios or a toy or book, while I do the dishes and clean up. When she was younger I would attach a mobile to the handles of the walker.

I must say though, I am blessed with an amazingly content, happy, independent child. Just yesterday she sat in there for over an hour without a fuss while I did dishes, cleaned the kitchen, and vacuumed the front room. She played with toys, read a book, jabbered away, while I wheeled her on and off the carpet and out of the way to vacuum, etc. She also loves to watch me vacuum and mop. Every time she just seems so interested.

The walker also helps to keep her in one place while washing her face, brushing her teeth, or changing her shirt.

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