Thursday, April 30, 2015


Yesterday Kiana wanted to come with me to my physical therapy appointment. We had to park pretty far away (for me) so she offered to hold my hand to help me.  I had my cane but was still struggling.  But then I would stop, breath, lift my cane and walk along fine just holding onto Kiana's hand. She said to me, "mom, you walk better without your cane."  Holding her hand really didn't provide much assistance, and I didn't want to squeeze her hand; it was more for a sense of confidence.  We finally made it into the doctor's and I no longer needed her help. 
Two of her school friends were in the waiting room so she sat next to them at the children's play table.  She pulled her LeapPad out of her backpack.  One boy asked her what else she had in her backpack.  She said, "nothing. Just my LeapPad."  The boy asked why she needed a backpack just for the LeapPad, why not just carry it?  "So I can hold my mom's hand."  He asked why she needed to hold her mom's hand?  To which she replied, "because she needs help."  And then she went on to show him her LeapPad.  She said it so matter-of-factly, so confidently, as if there was no question to her as to why she would hold my hand.  
After my appointment I walked easily to my car.  Before we got in the car Kiana asked if we could go get shave ice.  Oh, now I know her reason for coming with me... not because she wanted to get out of the house, or because she wanted to help, or because she wanted to be with me, nope, it was because she thought it would earn her shave ice.   :)  Love her!

Friday, April 10, 2015

Victory for Mom

For the very first time I took my 2 kids out on my own. They came with me to my physical therapy appointment. Both of them were very helpful, especially Kiana who put Scott's shoes on him, unbuckled his car seat, and lifted him into the stroller. She even handed over her leap pad to him when he didn't want to stay in the stroller on the way out. I allowed myself plenty of time to avoid any unnecessary stress.