Sunday, September 21, 2014


This is not a typical blog post of mine, but I hope it will make some of you smile. 

I was fully intending on relaxing while everyone was out today, but as I was putting away some of Kiana's artwork in the bin under her bed, I noticed there was a pile of goldfish crackers under her bed, cat hair, gum wrappers, and who knows what else... so I decided to pull out her bed and vacuum.  Well, that led to washing her wall (as best as I could) because it was filthy, then I ended up vacuuming the rest of her room and closet, which I had to clean out first, then I decided that I may as well do under Scott's bed too which was disgusting as well.

I have a pile of paperwork and mail I need to go through, and fill out some forms, but first I am going to watch t.v.  Oh, but first I have to clean all of the crumbs off and out from under the arms of the recliner chair.   Yesterday I found a day old piece of greasy cheese on the play kitchen set.  gross! (Some of you may ask why I even allow my children to eat anywhere other than the kitchen.  I ask myself that same question.  I pick my battles I guess.  And it all depends on the snack.)