Monday, June 20, 2016


Yes, I got Botox.  But no, not as a beautifying treatment to get rid of wrinkles.  :)  I got Botox in my foot and calf.  Now I have a young looking foot, right?  LOL.  No.  It's amazing what they use Botox for these days: muscular disorders, excessive sweating, to treat chronic migraine headaches, etc.  I got it to relax my toes on my right foot so they don't curl so tightly when I walk. They curl more when I'm nervous, and it makes it difficult to walk or stand with curled toes.

I got 2 injections in my calf and 2 in the bottom of my foot.  There was no pain when injecting into my  calf, but the bottom of my foot was very painful, and it wasn't a "quick shot" sort of pain.  But once it was over with there was no pain.  It took 3-4 days to notice a difference.  My toes are definitely more relaxed.   I can still curl them, but they no longer curl up when I walk.  And it does make it easier to walk.  I took Kiana to the doctor today for an ear infection and I barely needed her assistance in the parking lot, just a light touch, and inside I was walking on my own.  While standing at the counter I was relaxed, my toes were relaxed, and I didn't feel off balance.  It's supposed to last 3 months. 

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