Thursday, April 12, 2018

Look for the blessings

I enjoyed this episode with Courtney Wetzel on The Happy Hour podcast. (click link to listen: the-happy-hour-187-courtney-wetzel ) When she talked about her view of her parents (her mother with a speech impediment and her father with a cane) growing up and her view of them now was encouraging to me.  My children are 8 and 5 now, and although I am still their world I know they do get questions as to why I walk differently or why they have to help me do certain things, and there might be a day when they are embarrassed by me (I realize all teenagers  get embarrassed by their parents but I pray they are not teased for having a "different" mother.).  Having a disabled mother is shaping them into independent, compassionate, patient people.  God has a purpose for them having me as their mother.  Just like God had a purpose for me being born with cerebral palsy.  God didn't give me more than I couldn't handle, without Him. I was blessed with the amazing children He gave me.

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