Friday, August 12, 2016

Okay, this is ridiculous.  I am getting a walker.  I can walk just fine, no cane, no assistance in some situations, like the public pool.  But then last night and today I went to my son's preschool to meet his teachers and I could barely walk at all even with my cane.  It's mental.  And it's frustrating. 

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  1. I hear you sister! So I am new to your blog and loving reading it because I can relate on so many levels! I have Muscular Dystrophy and can walk just fine, but one wrong move and I am on the ground with no chance of getting up on my own. So safety first, right? It's a brave and smart move to embrace assistive devices for what they are and what they can do, regardless of the stigma that surrounds using them. I embraced using a walker after my first daughter was born and I was recovering from a c-section while in the midst of attending classes for my grad program. Why risk a fall at the risk of someone thinking differently about me? At this point my family is more important, and being as mobile as I can be for THEM, is way more important than a strangers' misperceptions. Right now I am contemplating a wheelchair. Yeah, I said it. A wheelchair! I have a super active toddler and I need to get out of the house from time to time. Having a wheelchair and an assistive van would help so much. We will see... :-)