Sunday, September 25, 2016


Well, I made it to church this morning despite all of the roadblocks Satan tried to put in my way, and I am proud of myself.  Tim is in training, and that alone was a big enough excuse for me to just stay home, but I really wanted to go.  And after the kids had breakfast they were busy, and my bed just looked so inviting, that I layed down for 5 minutes and could have easily got in another hour of sleep, but  I fought it and forced myself to get up and get ready for church, knowing I would feel much better about myself and my day having gone.  Then, when we got to church there was no disabled parking, which never happens, and no where close to park.  Kiana wondered if we were going to go home.  My anxiety level was high all morning, but we did it.  I used my walker.  I calmed down during service, and had a nice visit with a friend after church while the kids played on the playground.  God is good!  

Kiana asked before church, "So we're going without dad?  How are you going to get in?  How are you going to check us in to Sunday School?  Will you be able to pick us up afterwards?"  Part of my motivation for doing things like this on my own is to show my kids that I am brave, I am confident, and that I can do this on my own. I want them to be brave, have confidence, and be independent so I need to be an example of those qualities to them. 


  1. Hi, I haven't read all your postings, and I know this last one was awhile ago, but I'm in need of tips. I read some of your old postings when your daughter was younger as I'm about to have my first child in two weeks. I have a congenital myopathy - muscle weakness everywhere, and have been struggling to adapt baby products to meet my needs. My latest issue is even when using a "bucklebopper" device, I don't have the physical strength to unbuckle the car seat buckle, or even the different kind of buckle on my stroller's babynest/bassinet. You may not have had this issue but perhaps you have an idea or heard of an idea that can help me unbuckle car seat buckles? Thanks!

    1. Thank you for reading my blog. I wish I had an idea or recommendation with the car seat buckle. I still have issues with the buckles and have to be at just the right angle. They do get a little easier after use. But when my kids were babies and toddlers I never went anywhere without my husband, and if I did it was only to the babysitter's and she would come out to get my daughter out of the car. I hope you find something or someway that works for you. And remember, in just a few years they will be doing it on their own.